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Sattva Yoga & Pilates was recently featured in the Placer Herald and Roseville Press Tribune!

"Healthy lunches; healthy kids"
Placer Herald, Sep 27, 2006
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Sattva yoga sets pace
Roseville resident opens unique Rocklin studio

By: Keith Reid, Gold Country News Service
Wednesday, May 18, 2005 10:55 AM PDT

Although the physical nature of the yoga and pilates exercise disciplines are literally a stretch, Sattva Yoga and Pilates studio owner Jean Munoz believes her new business stands on firm ground in Rocklin.

Sattva Yoga and Pilates studio owner Jean Munoz of Roseville performs some yoga poses at her Rocklin studio.

As popularity of the yoga and pilates disciplines grows, Sattva, located at 2610 Sunset Blvd., is the first of its kind to open in Rocklin.

"I've been working for two years to get this studio open," said Munoz, a Roseville resident and former yoga instructor at the Hewlett Packard employee gym. "Rocklin was ideal, both because it's the only studio here, and because I would like to eventually move further up in the foothills."

The studio consists of separate rooms for pilates and yoga, along with special equipment for pilates. Yoga, for the most part, is an exercise performed under one's own body weight. Pilates often utilizes resistance training devices.

One of Sattva's newest customers, Sharleen Shuiling de Balda of Rocklin, was thrilled to hear the studio opened in late April. Shuiling de Balda, a novice at both yoga and pilates, decided to give the exercises a try because Sattva was close to her house and she wanted to get into shape. According to Munoz, Sattva is a Sanskrit word that represents a state of mind where a person is completely balanced, focused and able to reach their highest potential.

"Our goal is to help people reach their full potential, physically and mentally," Munoz said.

Sattva offers a variety of classes, including Power Flow, Mat Pilates, Yoga Fusion, Yoga Core, Iyengar Style, Prenatal, Extra Gentle, Mommy Time and Yoga Basics.

Along with Munoz, there are four other highly trained instructors at the studio as well.

"The Yoga Basics class gets people ready for a regular class," Munoz said. "It teaches proper form and breathing so people aren't overwhelmed in a more advanced setting."

Another Sattva customer, Courtney Menez of Folsom, said she's been doing yoga and pilates "off and on" for two years.

"One thing about pilates, if you are only going to one type of exercise, I'd choose pilates," Menez said. "It works all parts of your body. It also hits the little muscles in places like your hips and arms that other exercises don't work."

Menez said she doesn't have a problem commuting to Rocklin to work out because Munoz is her instructor of choice.

Lori Walker of Folsom said she has been practicing pilates for four years.

"Pilates really helps you build stamina and strength without a lot of impact. And it helps with core strength, which is really important," Walker said. "You can be 20 years old or 80 years old and still be able to do it. You work within your own limits."

Munoz said the disciplines of yoga and pilates are also transferable into other areas of life, outside of earning fitness goals.

Prices for instruction at Sattva start at $15 for a single visit up to $65 for a five-class pack and $500 for 10 personal training sessions. Other offers are also available. For more information, call 624-YOGA or visit




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